Saturday, November 03, 2007

Random stuff . . .

Random stuff #1 - I went to Hobby Lobby the other day and when I was leaving in my car, I saw Mr. and Mrs. Clause driving a fancy automobile! When Santa made a turn I saw that his license plate said Santa! He is already in town getting ready for the holiday season!

#2 - Yesterday I had a scrapbooking nightmare! I had spent most of my morning getting my SJ kits together and finding photos and editing them in photoshop elements to send via the internet through for one hour photo. I get to Wal-mart and my photos aren't their! The girl called and they had my photos but for some reason they didn't get sent to the store. She resent them. I also learned that their is a 20 minute delay between sending photos and them receiving it. I got the phone number to the photo department to call back to see if they got sent. I was late picking up my sister because of this ordeal which was making up late to our scrapbooking event! I called back and the photos still hadn't been received so I was back at home getting my supplies together and just resent them from my computer and that time when I called, they had received my photos. My sister and I got to the event got our spots at a table and then I left to go get my pictures. To my surprise, all three sets went through when I resent my pics! So crazy! I have learned that if I do use walmart online service again, to not pay on the website! They are actually refunding my money for the mishap.

#3 - I did have fun at Camp Scrap even with the stressful start of the evening. I think I finally understand digital scrapbooking. I have been to the digital dynamics class four time and for some reason couldn't get the layers down in photoshop elements. Sooo, I watched carefully and took notes as she made a LO on the screen with the same program I have (Yay!) and I was able to come home and make a quick LO with some free papers I had downloaded. I am looking forward to playing around with this some more and finding more free stuff online. I might actually be brave enough to buy some digital kits! :-)

#4 - I have until Thursday to get all my stuff done for my Community Health class as it ends that night! I am excited for this class to be over! I am planning to spend most of my weekend getting some of these things done so I can kinda play during the week before having surgery on my hand. I have an intervention paper to write about my community assessment, my journal to finish up (I have been proud of myself for keeping this up instead of waiting till the last minute!), a summary to write about a CD-ROM I watched, and a presentation to write. I really hate presentations and about faint when I have to give one. I am nervous about this!

#5 - I have new scrapbooking tools that I think I need after going to the crop last night! I ahve 40% coupons to both Hobby Lobby and Michael's that end today. They always have fun stuff to make at the make-n-takes and awesome demonstrations! I will have to post a pic of one creation that is cute and simple to make!

#6 - I never did hear from my GI doctor's office about getting the prior authorization for Protonix. I hope that doesn't mean bad news. I am going to have to call his office and leave a message next week asking how things are going with this! I am trying to make lifestyle changes but that is difficult! I do try to eat healthy but I love spicy foods which I can't eat without having heartburn with my current medicine. He gave me a list of things I shouldn't eat. My difficult thing is no carbonated drinks and no caffeine. I told him about my love for diet A&W rootbeer which is caffeine free is still carbonated. I love these energy drinks that do have the caffeine and I do have problems with heartburn after drinking them! They do have a caffeine free version so I might try that. It is still carbonated though but maybe without the caffeine it won't bother me as bad. It seems like everything has something that causes me to have heartburn. Bland is no fun!

#7 - I have been pondering on joining I have been wanting to get back on track with eating more healthy and working out. When I started school in Spring 2005, this ended up being put aside. I just don't have the extra time to work out but with my class ending this week and only having a correspondence course and one class at school I am wanting to start working on getting more excercise. I used to workout with a personal trainer and really enjoyed it! I quit after I bought my house a little over 3 years ago. I was a buff girl and I want to be buff again! :-)

#8 - I have a goal of getting my house all clean before Thursday - along with getting all this homework done. I am hoping to concentrate on certain areas of the house everyday so it won't seem like a big job. I do want I need to get by but I want to really clean everything. I am glad that I have an automatic litterbox so that I can let my hand heal a few days before needing to give it some attention!

#9 - It is now Sunday and I never posted this yesterday as planned! I didn't get as much accomplished as I was hoping but plan to get at least the homework accomplished. :-)
The picture I posted today is my sister and I when we were younger! Aren't we cute?! :-)

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