Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Today is actually day 2 of my vacation. I slept just a few hours yesterday and got up so my Dad could come over in the afternoon to help me with my front porch light. I have struggled with getting the globe off! I took the screws off and pull and pull on it and it won't pudge. I even take try to slip something in between the globe and the ceiling and I can't get it off. GRRR! My Dad comes over and slips something in between it and it just comes right off! CRAZY! I now have a new light bulb for my front porch.

I am excited for my vacation which I won't return to work till Thanksgiving because of my hand surgery that I have next week. I am looking forward to having time to get my house completely clean. I barely have time to do the necessary stuff! I am also looking forward to just being a student and sleeping like a normal person! I am hoping to learn more about photoshop elements and this morning with my student ID was able to order CS3 Design Premium at a big discount! I hope to have that by next week!

Today I get pre-admitted to the hospital for my hand surgery and I also have an appointment with my GI doctor. I have had this GI appointment since the end of August! It takes so long to get into his office. I have had time to see my hand specialist twice since I have had this appointment scheduled. There must be a higher demand for GI specialist than hand specialist! I am looking forward to see the doctor's orders today. They may just be basic stuff and not tell me too much.

I am still loving my Canon 40D! I find it easier to use than my little Nikon point and shoot camera. I haven't really gotten into the advanced features yet and really would like a book about the Canon 40D but found out that the book I want won't be released till March 2008! I was really hoping that it would come out about the same time as the camera. I just keep searching for little tips on the internet. I also have a 30% coupon to use at Borders so maybe I can find a good book on digital photography!

I am off to get ready for my day!


The Transparent Hypnotist said...

Good luck with that hand surgery! Sounds like you have a nice long recoup. time period.

Christie said...

I am very jealous about your new camera. Enjoy it. Good luck with the surgery. You will have lots of time to catch up with things. I'm sure i'll read on the sjmb how your surgery goes.

Musicmom-Amy said...

WOW! Off until Thanksgiving!! You won't know what to do with yourself. Enjoy!! Well, except for the surgery but I'm sure THAT will feel better too.