Saturday, October 27, 2007

New toy!

Yesterday, I was taking it easy. I woke up early to go the community coalition for school and completed my clinical hours! Yay! I forget that I get 2 hours for putting my paper together and I am going to do another assignment for 5 extra credit points and also for 3 clinical hours. I will actually be over! I am excited that I actually completed everything!

I went and watched Saw IV yesterday. I am not sure what to think of it. It was just more of the stuff that was in the first three but then there was more added to the story to make you understand some things better. I don't always catch on to the jigsaw puzzle thoughts that goes on. I might need to watch the first three and watch part four again as I might have forgotten things that was in the previous movies.

Then after the movie, I thought I would go to Best Buy to price my camera I have been wanting along with accessories that I would need. I have been waiting for them to have 12 months, 0% financing. While I was there, the girl told me that she thought Circuit City was having that special and if so, she could match it for me. She called Circuit City and they are offering 12 months, 0% financing!!! So, I ended up buying my camera yesterday! :-) It is a Digital SLR, Canon 40D! I got home and but the battery in the charger and started playing with it a little. I have taken a few picture of the kitties. I am looking forward to going outside today and taking pictures! :-) I have a lot to learn! This will be something I can enjoy on my vacation!

Since yesterday I didn't work on any homework, I need to get caught up with my journal and do my discussion board question for Community Health. I also need to finish up some assignments that I started in my Community Health class for clinical. I had taken notes on a CD-ROM that we could watch for clinical hours and I have never written my summary. I also need to work on my Old Testament quiz questions for next week. I will have to get started on this early so I can play with my camera later today!

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