Thursday, October 18, 2007

A little break . . .

I turned in my big community assessment today. I stayed up all night to get it done and I felt like it could have been better. I just hope that I did better than what I thought I did. I have been soooo tired today! I had to be at school from 1200-2000! I was about to fall asleep! I am happy that I am at home now and can sleep tonight! It will feel so good! :-)

The new schedule for school came out today. I need to email the financial advisor at school as I could take 2 correspondence courses and take 5 credit hours at school. Or I can take 1 correspondence course and then take 8 credit hours. I wish that the correspondence course was covered by student loans. Either way I will be taking 11 credit hours but it will be my last semester!!!!!

I am going to take it easy tonight. I would like to complete these lessons from about photo touch-ups with photoshop elements. I was taking a class about digital scrapbooking but got so busy with school that it was gone when I had the time. All I have to do by Monday is a clinical on Saturday morning - after working a 12 hour night shift, read and answer questions for quiz in Old Testament and finish my Community Health exam. It feels good to not have to work on this crazy community assessment! I do have a presentation and intervention paper due in three weeks. I hope to get started on that next week so I won't be doing everything at the last minute.

I am off to relax a little!!

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