Saturday, October 27, 2007


I have actually been productive today. The day started out with it being relaxed but slow. Then my sister called me around noon to invite me to hang out with her and my nieces at a halloween event! I was excited and I get to take pictures with my new camera! Yay!

I was getting ready to head to the Mudhouse to get some studying done but instead did a little cleaning, unloading and then loading the dishwasher and doing a load of laundry. I had been out of dishwashing soap for a while and had about every dish dirty in my house. I went to Sam's last night and got me a bulk pack so I shouldn't run out for a long time! I am glad that all my dishes are clean now! I even got the boxes broken down and put in the garage. I need to work on loading my car up and make a trip to the recycling center next week.

After I got done with this, I went to the Mudhouse house to get some studying done. I got right to business instead of playing around on the internet. I got my assignment that is due on Monday done! So unlike me to get things done early! :-) I also got my journal updated to today for class. I feel like I have accomplished things today. I do have to work tomorrow night so know I can work without worrying about how I am going to get my assignment done on time. That will help me feel more relaxed at work.

I am heading off to my sister's to see what my nieces are dressed up as and to take some fun pictures!

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dydrmLinda said...

Jana, how about coming over to my house and do some cleaning for me? Wow, I'm impressed!