Monday, October 15, 2007

Trying to be productive

I got home from the Mudhouse and decided to have taco salad with turkey meat. Since I ended up sleeping most of the day, I was hungry! While I was cooking, I was also cleaning my laundry room. I had things sitting in the floor to recycle and it was hard to get around. That room isn't that big so one item can cause traffic problems!

I worked on getting the laundry done to get the hamper out of the way. I worked on getting the recycling to the garage for loading at a later time. Then I worked on mopping the floor. I have the litter box in this room and as many interventions I have taken to prevent the litter from being scattered has failed. I am pretty proud of my accomplishment of the laundry room! By the time this got done, my turkey meat was ready for seasoning and the cutting of the veges. Yum!

I was able to work the rest of the night on my Coummunity Health. I was hoping to be done way before know to work on writing up my community assessment. No such luck. I am still waiting for my bed sheets and comforter to be dry so I am going to use this time to work on writing up my assessment. I won't be getting much sleep today before going to my clnical experience for the day and then going to work. I will deserve me some frozen coffee today! I also might be getting my energy drinks delievered today. I will have to run by my house after getting done with clinical!

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