Sunday, October 14, 2007

Crazy week . . .

I have had quite the week! I finally got my Old Testament paper written and turned in. I also had a mid-term in this class and didn't get all the way through the 36 subjects we told us to read about. I started reading through the quizzes that we had gotten back and wish I had just done that to begin with! I am not sure how well I did on the mid-term as some of it was really easy (the parts I did study!) and some of it wasn't (the parts I didn't get to study). Sooo, I guess I will find out on Thursday.

Thursday was a busy day for me as I had a meeting to go to for clinical that morning and I crammed for my mid-term till it was time for class. The center that the meeting was at was one of my community sites. I tried to talk to someone while I was there but no such luck. They told me to call later. The girl at the desk after I explained why I was wanting to see someone was kinda rude as she snapped, "What kind of questions are you going to ask?". When I called back later and got to talk to someone I started asking my questions and she snapped, "How many questions are you going to ask me?". GGGRRRRRR!!!! She let me finish. I wasn't impressed with that place. The grounds aren't kept up and the place seems disorganized.

Friday was the day that I was to finish visiting all my sites. I only had 4 more to go . . . . . which I only got 2 done. I didn't realize that 2 of my sites closed early on Friday. I got to one place and they were locking the door but she gave me the name of the person I would need to contact on Monday. One place, the doors were locked but had a sign to go to the south door. I called them from my cellphone and they closed at noon but she told me who I could talk to on Monday. I was happy to get what I did. At least I can get started on what I have and then add to it later. I am soo ready for this assignment to be over!!! Then I have to write an intervention paper and a presentation about what I learned while doing my community assessment.
Saturday, my plans were to go to the loft walk downtown but my allergies were crazy! I thought I would lay down for a bit and then go downtown. I never made it back up till it was time for the international festival I was working at for school! BUMMER! I missed this last year because I was working so this year I made sure I was off and then I sleep through it. The international festival was fun. There was three of us at our table taking blood pressures and handing out info about blood pressure. We had to provide info in spanish and english. I was in charge of making a sign about free blood pressure readings. I went to and had it translated into spanish. I found out that it told me something wrong! One lady kept looking at the sign and she told me that it really said, "Liberty readings of tension". We had to laugh! She hid my spanish sign since it was confusing!

In two weeks, I will be on vacation! I should be able to complete the last few assignments without any problem. I am looking forward to having a day that I don't have to work on school or go to work. It is soo long overdue. I am looking forward to scrapbooking at a crop that my sister and I are going to while I am on vacation. I still have kits put together from the last time we went to this same crop in April of this year. I am behind on my kits for the remember me club from a LSS. I hope to be able to get caught up! The year is almost up!

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