Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hopefully good news is coming!

Yesterday I spent the day mainly getting pre-admitted for my hand surgery and seeing my GI doctor. It was a good day to see my GI doctor as I had heartburn that wouldn't go away! That is what I have fighting with since my insurance took away benefits and won't pay for my medicine.

I found out yesterday when I was being pre-admitted that I will have TWO IV's!!! They couldn't even find a vein to draw blood from yesterday and finally took it out of my hand. And I am supposed to have two IV's. I found out that I need two because one is for the block to my left arm and the other will be for medicines. I didn't realize all the stuff they did to pre-admit someone. It took a little over an hour. I had some time to kill before my GI appointment so I hung out at the library finding books to but on hold! I never can find books I want at the library I am at.

I went to my GI appointment and had a chat with my doctor about my problems with the prevacid. He wants me to try this Reglan that my primary doctor prescribed for me but told me to cut it in half since I felt drugged with the full dose. I did that this morning and I still feel kinda light headed. I really hate that feeling! It isn't as bad as it was the full dose but still . . . He told me that he would try to get a prior authorization for Protonix. For some reason he feels like I would have a better chance on getting approval for it than Nexium. His nurse told me that they will work on that and I should get a phone call letting me know. I hope it is good news! I have another appointment in about a month to see how I am doing with the interventions he has given me. :-) I really hope that they are able to get the Protonix approved as I think that will help me the most.

I bought candy last night for tonight and I made the mistake of buying caramel assortment. I have been nibbling on it! I need to be home earlier than I normally am. I plan to hang out at the coffee shop today and mow my yard. I should be home in time for the goblins but I need to get started! I am excited as the CS3 Design Premium I ordered yesterday, should be here tomorrow! I hope that it stays on schedule! This Friday I get to scrapbook with my sister! :-)

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