Sunday, October 21, 2007

Funny kitty!!

My cats make me laugh!!!! Friday before going to work, I was taking Pandora and Felix to get booster shots for a new vaccine they received a few weeks before. I had the cat carriers in the living room and saw that Felix was sleeping in one so I shut the door. I got Pandora and with much resistance, got her in her cat carrier. I have a one car garage and can't seem to navigate the car carriers in the car very well so I went to the pull my car out and then came into the front door. When I came into the front door, Felix was having a cow in his carrier! He was trying to dig his way out! I had to laugh! He probably thought that I was leaving and I was going to leave him there like that all night! Poor kitty! He should know his mama wouldn't do that!

We get to the vets office which is always a fun experience! We got into the examining room and everything went pretty good. They had to have temps checked before getting the boosters and then the vet came to give the vaccine. This always gets Felix into growling mode! I get them back into the carriers which I just have to open the door at this point and they go in! I go out to the front of the office and set them down and this little boy says, "She has a dog and a cat". I told him that I actually have two cats with one that growls like a dog! He had to keep peeking into the carriers. I was getting giggly by this point! I got them home and had to de-fur myself before leaving for work! :-)

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