Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sleep is optional

I realized today that this week is going to be insane. The most insane one I have had in a while! My plan for today was to wake up early - I set my alarm for 0900 and get all this stuff done for school. I somehow slept through my alarm and woke up around 1400 when my sister called me! I told her for some reason I was asleep but that wasn't my plan. She was telling me how beautiful it was outside today and that I should spend some time outside. That sounded like a good idea but I had to much to do for school.

I got up, checked my email and had a hot pepper cheese sandwich (not good for the heartburn but my fav!). I still felt quite tired so I laid down for a little bit. Then my phone rang around 1700 and it was my Mom wondering how I was doing. After I got done talking to my Mom, I finally got up for good! I took my shower and finally got out of the house to my current location, The Mudhouse. The Mudhouse has a website now. You should check it out!

I am concerned about this week I have as I am going to not get enough sleep. Since I messed up and slept for like 14 hours today, I might not be able to sleep tonight. AARRGGHH!!!!! I am sure I needed it though. I have been getting from 3-6 hours of sleep when I do get to sleep. Sometimes I am up for 24 hours or more before getting to go back to sleep. It is crazy. I have figured up that after Oct. 25, I might have all my hours in for clinical. This busy schedule will pay off. On November 8th, this class will be over! I so can't wait!!!

My schedule for this week:

Monday - I need to call the last two community sites and get the info. I also need to finish up my windsheild survey for the morning and evening times. I have to "observe" an vaccination clinic for 3 hours in the afternoon and then have a 1 1/2 hours before having to go to work. I work 7p-7a. My also will have an online exam posted for community health today. My discussion board and journal entries are due by noon.

Tuesday - My plan is to sleep. I am sure I will need it. If needed, work on my the final touches of my community assessment. I have to work and be the charge nurse from 7p-7a.

Wednesday - After I get off from work this morning, I have a one hour meeting about violence free families. I have been thinking about meeting with my instructor about my community assessment to see if everything is in order. It also might be to late to do that as I won't have time to do much more research. Get some sleep! I also will need to make sure my community assessment is all in order and to review for my quiz in Old Testament.

Thursday - I have class from 12-20. This is the day my community assessment is due. I will be so happy when that is done! I also should get my mid-term final back to see how I did.

Friday - I need to take two of my cats, Pandora and Felix, to see the vet for booster shots for a new vaccine they received. Then I take them back home and go to work from 19-07.

Saturday - After I get off from work this morning, I need to rush to the other side of town and work at a child care provider event for more clinical hours. Then go home and crash!!!

Sunday - get ready for the home school fair and make my poster about illness prevention and handwashing. I was hoping to just show up at the fair but I think it is going to be fun making this poster. Plus the time it takes me to make the poster will be clnical time. :-) I might have to have my sister and nieces over for grilling or just to have dinner for some fun time. I am not sure what she has going on either.

Update on my cyst is that it is still there! I can tell that he did make it is a little smaller at the base but the top part is still there and it seems harder for some reason. It is super tender after him doing the procedure on my finger. I was thinking it might be swelling but I don't think it is. I am going to wait till the end of the week and see how it is just in case before calling the office back. He was so optimistic that he had gotten the cyst and I wouldn't have to come back. I wish that was true as I wasn't fond of having my finger numbed and poked at! He will probably do that again unless he decides that I need surgery to get this cyst taken care of.

I need to get the Napser tunes going and get started on this homework!

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~Ane~ said...

So with you, hope you get to do all the stuff you need to do.!!!
I'm on my way to get some coffee and be a good girl;)