Saturday, October 06, 2007

Light the Night

I worked this evening at the Light the Night leukemia/lymphoma walk. Their was four of us from my Community Health class and we took blood pressures for anyone who wanted them. Not to many got their blood pressure so we also helped at a booth next to ours with handing out glow sticks which got quite tangled! Then we did the walk when it started. It was a fun evening!

I ended up going to bed this morning around 0630. After dealing with tech support, I thought I would work on my online exam but my allergies was going haywire! I couldn't stop sneezing and had a runny nose. I did about 5 questions. Since I slept all day my main goal tonight is to get the online exam done and get sketch an outline for my research paper. Tomorrow, I need to be focused!

After getting to talk to some of my classmates regarding their community assessment, I feel better. They haven't really gotten started either! I have to work hard this week visiting my sites! I could get started with writing up some of the segments that I have researched on the internet. Since my classes are online and we meet about once a month, I don't really get to know my classmates. It was fun today to get to talk with some classmates! I am sure with some of the other sites I am doing I will get to meet more classmates. One positive thing about these clinicals!

I might try to watch a movie while answering my questions for my online exam. It will take me longer but it makes it fun!

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