Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Lion kitty

I dropped Chloe off at the vets office to get groomed today and they warned me that the way her tangles were they might have to give her a "haircut". The word haircut didn't sound as bad as shaved. They called me later in the afternoon and told me that she was all groomed but that they had to shave her! She told me that she looked like a lion kitty! I was anxious to see what Chloe looked like. When I saw her I couldn't believe how skinny she looked! She was all hair! They did leave her tail all fluffy and she has boots on her paws. I get her home and the other cats kept looking at her and Felix would get closer and would get hissed at! It has been interesting! I am ready for her hair to grow back! Here are before and after pictures of Chloe.

I have to return back to work tonight. I am sad that my vacation is over but happy that I will have another in March. I didn't get caught up on my studies as I was hoping but I did get a good chunk of my Patho questions answered. I am working every other day this week because of my school schedule and it makes it hard to get any studying done because I just want to sleep on the first day I have off from work and normally the next day I am able to be somewhat functional.
Anyway, I need to get myself to bed! If I am going to up for 24+ hours, I need as much sleep I can get tonight!


Denise said...

Chloe is so precious, even with her lion costume

tracie said...

We used to do that to cats at the spca all the time. I love it. It is so cute. She looks adorable.

have a great day

Laura C said...

Awww, that's so precious - and hysterical! LOL It'll all grow back though. Thanks for sharing the before and after pictures.

em said...

Hehe!! My sister's cat has to have this done once in awhile...it's so cute!!

Ryann said...

Awesome pics of the cat! Check out my blog to see recent pics of my dog that had to be shaved. I, like you, am praying it will grow back super quick!

Kaffy said...

Goodness!! Chloe is adorable!! :)