Friday, February 24, 2006

Never eat lunch early

I got up this morning, went and worked out and was starving when I got done working out. I decided to grab me a sub sandwich on my way back home. I get home and a guy I have meet sent me a message and asked me to call him and he asked me out to lunch! I had just got done eating my sandwich! I never eat lunch that early but since I ate breakfast at 0600 this morning, I thought an early lunch was in order! The last time I had a guy call me and ask me to dinner, I had ate early that day too! I do believe that the next time that I feel like eating early, I might not! :-)

A fun fact about me that most people don't know is that I don't eat red meat. I quit eating red meat 12 years ago as a new year resolution. I do dabble in pepperoni every once in awhile though. I enjoy eating vegetarian more than I do eating meat.

I got my tax return today so I am going to go shopping today for a new purse and wallet to go with it! I am at the Mudhouse trying to get some studying done first though. Which I always end up checking my MB I watch and doing a little bit of blogging before getting too serious! I have fallen asleep almost every night of my vacation at 1900!!!! I wake up around 0100 then go back to bed and wake up around 0600. I would think by the end of the week I would feel rested after all that sleep but it hasn't quite worked out that way!

Tomorrow my little niece has a game that she is cheerleading at. I am going to take pictures of her to hopefully scrapbook! I am sure she is adorable in her cheerleading outfit! I had better get busy with my homework so I can go shopping! :-)

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Michelle W. said...

That's cool you could give up red meat. I've tried it but lost so much weight then I had to go back. (funny how that wouldn't work now when I need it!)