Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Busy but productive day

I have noticed since school has started that I am slipping back into being tired all the time! I wasn't able to fall asleep last night till around 0600! I had to get up around 0900 to get ready for an appointment so I didn't get much sleep. I had to take a nap when I finally got home around 2000 tonight! I need to figure out this working nights and going to school in the day before turns me into a walking zombie!

I did have a productive day. I made it to my appointment this morning and ended up seeing somebody I used to work with. I didn't realize that her sister worked on the same floor as me! After I got done with my appointment, I went to the fitness center to work out. I went and made me an appointment to meet with a trainer to get a weight routine just for me! When I went up to the desk, it was a guy that I had as a trainer last year and all he did was talk to me for 2 hours and never set me up a weight routine! I was frustrated! He told me before he would set me up on a weight routine that he wanted me to do water aerobics for one month then he would set me up a routine if I really wanted. The water aerobics didn't really fit in my night shift gig but I did it for almost a month till I was about to pass out from exhaustion of not getting enough sleep! It made my sciatica come back so I guess treading in the water isn't a good thing for that! I was glad that he set me up with another trainer, which happens to be a female. I am hoping that she will understand about toning instead of building to much muscle! I am going to go do Power Yoga tomorrow after class and then I have my appointment with my new trainer! I am going to get back in shape!

Besides starting my fitness routine today, I did get started on my homework in my Health Assessment class. I have one more week to do then I will be caught up till Wednesday when I get more to do! I was anxious about my Pathophysiology lecture questions and couldn't find them in the book. I have finally found some in the notes but learned that only the first 9 questions are from last weeks lecture! So I have been getting all anxious for nothing. My days at the Mudhouse will be increasing since school is back in full session! I need to find me a low calorie, low fat coffee drink! I might have to switch to italian sodas with sugar free flavoring. That way my workouts will be actually working for me not working off my frozen Mudturtle!

I also cooked my turkey that we get at work every year tonight. I hate cooking whole turkeys. If I cook a turkey, I like the skinless/boneless turkey breast. I got my turkey in the oven and then had to take a nap with alarms so I could go check on the turkey every so often. It finally got done and I even took the time to take it off the bone! I hate doing that with all the joints and stuff. I an not an orthopedic nurse for a reason!

I finally was able to get my student loan interest off the website today so I could finish my taxes. All I have to do if mail them in the morning before going to class! I am excited about getting my return as I am going to do a little bit of shopping then put the rest in savings.

Todays challenge is what favorite scrapbooking companies do you like?

I love the paper from Basic Grey, K & Company, k.i. memories, artic frog, chatterbox, any paper with a retro flair to it! I have noticed center city in magazines but really haven't seen that in my scrapbook stores. I am sure there is more that I enjoy but don't realize what company it is!

I had better get myself to bed as I have to wake up early to get to class and take notes for 4 hours! I wish my laptop battery would last 4 hours so I could take notes that way!

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Michelle W. said...

thanks for playing Tuesday's random challenge.

Sounds like good ol' college days. LOL. No sleep and hook on starbucks (really no different than how I live now).