Monday, January 09, 2006

Sickly girl

Ohhhhh . . . . . . I go back to work Saturday, which it was a nice night, and by morning I feel like I am going to wake up that afternoon with a raging sore throat! My predictions were correct! I went to work Sunday night and by morning I am feeling kinda achy and can't breathe! All I have really done today is sleep a few hours, wake up, go back to sleep. I can't sleep very well when I can't breathe! I am SURE that this cashier at Wal-mart gave this to me! About a week ago I went grocery shopping after work and when I got to the cashier I realize that she is ill. I was still in my uniform from work and she started telling me her ailments - cough, chills and achy, temp., stuffy nose. I told her that she needed to see a doctor. I thought "She has just touched all my groceries with her germs!". I wanted to get all new groceries! I am sure she is the reason that I am ill. Why she was at work feeling that way is beyond me! Let's hope that I will feel better by Wednesday when I have to work again!

I have to tell a funny thing about a patient I was taking care of that happened to be confused. Her IV was in her ac space so everytime she bent her arm, her pump beeped. I got tired of this after a few minutes because I couldn't get her to understand to keep her arm straight. I got an armband and some coban to help keep her arm straight. While I was her there rigging this all up, she asked me where she was and why she was there. I was explaining that she had abdominal pain and that she was in the hospital. I start wrapping her arm and she asked "What is wrong with my arm then?!?!". It made me giggle and I explained to her why and she was okay with it. I guess you shouldn't wrap up confused patients arms when they have abdominal pain! :-)

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