Friday, January 13, 2006


I am soo excited cause I won at bingo on one of the MB I read everyday! I almost didn't get my words emailed in cause I forgot about it and emailed them before going out for New Year's Eve! I still can't believe that I won!

I have become quite the blog and MB junkie! I can sit and read other people's blogs all night! I really enjoy reading the 2peas MB as it encourages me to blog. It seems as if the scrapbook magazines talk about blogging a lot! I was at B&N tonight reading some of the new scrapbook magazines and one of them talked about blogging and gave some of the famous scrapbookers blogs. I had to buy that one! I have to say that these two ladies was sitting at a table that was right next to mine and I couldn't help but hear what they were talking about. The table they sat down at had a scrapbook magazine sitting on it. One of the ladies told her friend that if she ever started scrapbooking that there was something wrong with her and to put her out of her misery and her friend told her "ditto"! I wanted to tell them that "What is wrong with preserving memories in a creative way?!?!" I just sat at my table and kept reading my scrapbook magazine! Tongue Out

The sidewalk sale is this weekend at the mall so I am hoping to get there tomorrow. I sure hope that I find some good deals! I also need to work on the scrapbook from the circle journal I am in. This one is about "My Favorite Flower" which I have chosen the iris. I need to get this done before school starts in almost a week! I keep waiting for the syallbus to be posted on blackboard for my classes so I can bargin shop for my textbooks! I might have to just call the school as I always do and ask the name and author of the books - which they hate! They are soo much more expensive than ordering online or at the discount textbook store. Cat

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Michelle W. said...


I understnade about the whole blog obsession. It's so much fun to see what other people is doing. It's a little sick sometimes... Those two ladies just don't get it. Talking to them won't help. Some people just don't understand why scrapbooking is important to us.