Monday, January 02, 2006

Enjoying vacation . . .

So far my vacation has been good. I had a nice chat with some scrapbooking friends on Yahoo! last night. I am sitting here enjoying music from Napster and pondering on what to do today. My sister is off from work today and we were thinking about riding bikes. The high yesterday was 66!!! When I check the weather today it is 39 with a high of 44 and it is cloudy and windy today. Yuck! I woke up today and looked out into my backyard and part of this vine that is wrapped arounnd a tree was broken and fallen down. I tried my hardest last summer trying to get all that down, so mother nature gave me some help! Maybe I need to use my firepit this afternoon.

I am hoping to get some scrapbooking done! I have been trying to organize my scrap room and finally emptied all the boxes from my scrapclubs I am in. I am hoping to finish a Christmas gift. (I know it has passed but time got the best of me!) I also want to alter a clipboard, alter a lunch box, make me a new book for work for my notes, and I can't remember what else! It seems as if there is something else. Anyway, I have lots of scrapping to do!

The pictures are of my nieces on Christmas day wearing 3D glasses and there fancy scarves! Aren't they cute? :-) I had better go call my sister to see what we can do today since the weather isn't cooperating.

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