Saturday, January 07, 2006

Vacation is over . . .

I find it sad that I have to return to work today. I just hope that it isn't crazy busy!

Last night was the artwalk and I missed it. It is too cold to walk around and look at art! I hope that it warms up soon! It is January so that might not happen but I do remember it starting to get somewhat warm in February. Maybe that will happen this year! It is supposed to be in the 60's today!

I am excited about getting my Fat Boy! No, it isn't some motorcycle thing. It is similar to a love sac but rectanglar. I called last night to check on it cause it had been two weeks the guy told me it hasn't been two weeks and I will call you. His attitude made me mad! I put half down so he would order it - you had better believe when he tells me 1 to 2 weeks that I will be calling if he hasn't! I ordered it on Dec. 22 so it has been a little over two weeks . . . . .

Yesterday my Dad and I copied a cassette tape to CD. We had some technical difficulties but we did get it to work. Some of the songs didn't copy over or one song was only 6 seconds! We don't know wht happened to that! I don't have the right connections on my laptop to get it to work. I don't have a stereo with the right and left connections either. I need to upgrade my stereo! I think my stereo is 15 years old! To get it to work it was going to have to get some gadget that was $100 so I opted out of that!

Anyway, I need to take a small nap before having to work all night! I have gotten used to going to bed about midnight and waking up around 09 to 10 in the morning! I am sure I will be dragging at work tonight!

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