Thursday, January 19, 2006

Partners for Pounds!

One of my classes that I am taking next semester is requiring me to have a health assessment done, keep a daily food dairy and an exercise log! I have been needing some motivation and this is doing it! Then I got a phone call from a friend about the partners for pounds program that is starting at work so I thought I might as well since I have to do this for school! We have to think of a name for our team. We are meeting at the fitness center bright and early! LET'S GET PUMPED!!!!!!! Body Builder

I went and got my books for school today. I always call the bookstore to see if they have my books and one bookstore I tried for 30 minutes before the phone wasn't busy! I ended up going to two bookstore but have all my books. The lines went on forever! My school never releases the book list to other bookstores so I am unable able to figure out what books I need till school is about to start so I can't preorder like some. That line was very short!

I have been trying to get my house clean so I can start school next week with a clean house! If I do a little everyday to keep it clean I might be able to keep up with it! That is a goal that I have! I have till tomorrow to get done! I better finish with the cleaning I have been doing and get some sleep before my workout buddies call me for my wake up call!


Michelle W. said...

cool that you are going to get healthy! I hate the idea of dieting but getting healthy is great! Good luck with that.


Julie said...

Good luck on your cleaning and weightloss goals! Partners for pounds sounds like an awesome program!

amelia said...

Good luck with school and the partners for pounds. It's always easier to do it with a friend!