Saturday, January 28, 2006

Tax time

I finally got my W-2 from my job! They always wait till the last minute! My sister is coming over tomorrow and we are going to work on her taxes. I did mine but I have to wait for Jan. 31st for my interest I paid in to my student loans to be completely finished! I am excited about getting this done and getting my return back! I think some shopping will be on my agenda!

I am sitting in Kaldi's coffee house. I brought my Pathophysiology with me to look up my lecture questions but I am going to get really into it and they are going to close! I am having trouble finding the answers to some of the questions. I will work harder on this tomorrow!

I was excited Thursday because it had been a week since the beginning of the partners for pounds and I decided to weigh myself. I have lost 5 pounds! WOOHOO!!!!! I have yet to workout but I am tomorrow and I have to start logging my exercise for one of my classes. I hope by the time that I have my mid-weigh in that I will have lost 10 lbs total!

I have to say that since opening my account, I have gotten some very strange messages in my inbox. I just got a message from a guy wanting my home address so he could mail me stuff to help him get back in the country? I told him NO! I can't believe some people! He says he is in Africa and wants to get back to the states but he could be lying and be here to show up on my doorstep! Even if he was in Africa he still doesn't need my address. Be on the lookout for weirdos!

I have always had a thing for Matt Damon - he is HOT!!! I had to include some pics of him I found on google.


Michelle W. said...

I'm sorry, I would really like to read everything you have to say but I couldn't stop drooling over those pictures... LOL.


lisa said...

mmm....Matt Damon....mmmm.....

What were you saying?

Oh yeah...taxes...cofffee house?? But seriously...nice pics!

Jane said...

Good luck with your class! And congrats on finally getting your tax papers I'm still waiting for some. And Like Michelle it's hard to pay attention to what you are saying with a hunk to drool over :)