Wednesday, January 25, 2006

No more roots!

I am excited that the sewer guy took all the roots out of my sewer and my tub drains! I can tell things are working like they should now! I am currently at the Mudhouse and I have to say that a few post ago I was here and this HOT guy distracted me as I was typing. He is here again! It seems like the last few times I have been here, so has he! Yum!

Anyway, I have had a creative thought that I think I might have to do. I am thinking about decorating my mailbox by painting it to make it look more fun! Currently it is black and I would like to paint it a lighter color - like beige or something neutral and get those wooden shapes at Michaels and attach them to my mailbox. My thoughts is palm trees! My mat on my front porch is palm trees so why not make the mailbox match? Maybe someday when I have some extra time - possibly after I get my mail on Saturday so it will have to dry by Monday when the mailman would be back.

I am actually here at the Mudhouse to work on my lecture review questions for Pathophysiology. I have gotten distracted by finding "Year in Review" on someone else's blog and thought I would do that too. Someone was asking what Pathophysiology is and it is "the study of function as modified by disease". Currently we are going over stuff I learned when I took Anatomy and Physiology but that was 11 years ago! I have my other class tonight and I hope it isn't too much work! I am going to have my hands full with studying Patho!

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