Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Funny dream

In my delirium of being ill, I was dreaming I was in India today. I was in my hotel room in India and I realized that I forgot my cell phone charger at home - on the other side of the world. Then I realized they had different outlets that if I even had my cell phone charger that it wouldn't plug into one of the outlets and I didn't have any converters either. I kept thinking how am I going to get ahold of my family to let them know that I made it alright? The phone in the hotel room rang and I thought ohhh good they are calling me! I woke up and realized that my phone was ringing! I missed the phone call and it might have been good since I kept thinking I was in India! I would have never heard the end of that! :-)

I haven't done anything to exciting today. I have been kinda lazy since I don't fell good but I did finally get up and go rent movies. I rented Dark Water, Must Love Dogs, Wedding Crashers and Napoleon Dynamite. I had a gift card to use that I got for Christmas! I did play Tetris today on my Nintendo Gamecube.

I sent my old laptop off last week to be repaired finally! I keep checking the status online and they have parts on order. I am curious on what parts these are . . . . . . I keep checking to see if they have received the parts and repaired it!

I am still awaiting a phone call about my Fatboy. I will give him this week and then if I haven't received a phone call by Monday, he is getting one and I will say I ordered it Dec. 22 instead of how many weeks since he didn't agree with that. I want my Fatboy!

I think I will go watch a movie - later!

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