Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Classes are back in session

I had my first Pathophysiolgy class today and it seemed to go well. I am scared for the test! She gaves us an outline and we takes notes on that and then also gives us questions for each lecture for us to do on our own. We took notes for 4 hours and my hand was hurting! I need to find me a fat comfortable pen! I was wishing I had my laptop so I could just type everything instead but then I thought my laptop battery wouldn't last 4 hours! If I can keep up with doing the lecture notes and study them each week I might do okay. I have my other class tomorrow night so I hope that it goes well! I think it might be more busy work than my Patho class!

I have this HUGE tree in my front yard and the roots get in my sewer system and cause problems! My tub won't drain, my toilet makes these bubbling noises and when my washing machine is trying to drain, it can't. Monday night I had water all over the floor in my laundry room! Last time I had my sewer derooted was in Dec. 2004 but it started out slow and gave me time to get someone. I have a sewer guy coming in the morning to take the roots out! I can't wait till life can return to normal! Of course it all happens when I have to go to class or I could have had it taken care of today.

I wasn't able to fall asleep this morning till 0400 and had to be up early to get ready for class! I have been a sleepy girl today! I was going to go workout and I was falling asleep when I sat down so I thought I would take a nap and woke up 4 hours later when the fitness center was closed! I hope that I can get good sleep tonight (esp. since I need to be up early for the sewer guy).


Michelle W. said...

oh college. Brings back memories. Sorry to hear about all those problems. I understand how painful that is when you could't sleep too! That's why Starbucks is a must. lol


em said...

I really like your blog :) So...what exactly is pathophysiology anyway?? I am guessing something about the brain...but I could be completely wrong!! Sorry to hear you couldn't sleep :( I have that problem a lot!!