Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Good week, so far

Yesterday I got my old laptop back and it is all fixed!!! The touch pad for the mouse went out so they told me that would be covered under my warranty and sent me a box to send it in! I got it back with all the keys on the keyboard working and my mouse pad!! I was soo excited! Then when I got to work, my vacation request for May was approved so I can go to JammieCrop! Today, I called about my Fatboy and it was in! I am glad that I finally got my Fatboy! It is soo comfortable!

My courses finally became available on Blackboard and I am unsure of what I am getting myself into! Papers, Case Studies and presentations! Yuck! I have been hunting to see if I can get my books cheaper online! I need to check with some bookstores hear before making my final decision!

I actually need to do some straighting of the house and start some laundry before going to bed!

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