Friday, January 20, 2006

3 Booty Shakers

This is what we decided to name our Partners for Pounds group! I still need to read the rules a little more! I have to weigh in in two weeks so I need to get busy! When I went to the fitness center today there was alot of the doctors working out and hardly any cardio machines that was open! I was there at 1730 so I will remember not to come around that time!

I am sitting in my Fatboy with my laptop in my lap watching my Three's company DVD! I love my Fatboy! I have been cleaning and recycling most of the day. I think I might have slept an hour last night so I got up early and ended up cleaning again! I got my bathroom all organized and the started on my bedroom. I have soo many books and magazine it was unreal! I put them all on my bed to go thru to see which ones I could recycle and I fell asleep in the middle of it all!! I finally finished cleaning it all up this evening. I need to pack my car up with all this recycling that I have!

I have been going over some of my assignments tonight for my classes - trying to get all organized so I look like I know what is going on the first day of class! Last semester I couldn't get into Blackboard as they changed you logged in and they sent out instructions but they were wrong! I was put on the spot in one of my classes and everyone else had the first assignment done!!

I have soo much scrapbooking that I want to do and not enough time! My scrap room is a wreck - I haven't gotten to that room yet! I have a circle journal to work on that I need to get done ASAP!!! Maybe I can get that done before going to bed. Or at least organize my scrap area so I can get something done!

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