Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Health Assessment

I got to my other class tonight - went to the wrong classroom and ended up seeing someone I know from work! Finally got to the correct classroom and it is a small class and my teacher seems really nice and energetic! I really like her! I am happy that my instructors seem nice and easy to talk to. We had to do a health history on our partners. What we did tonight is actually the first part of our final! This class doesn't really have any big test. I have quizzes and a paper to write which shouldn't be hard. I seems as if there is a lot of busy work but nothing that I haven't done before. I am happy that my classes this semester actually have to do with nursing and I can apply that to my patient care now. I am actually excited about my classes and looking forward to learning more!

While I was sitting at the Mudhouse, a friend that I thought had disowned me saw my car and came in to see me. He is HOT like that other guy! He asked me if I had been working out! That is on my agenda but I haven't worked out that much yet! Since I have to keep a log for my health assessment class, it is helping motivate me! I have to get serious about this, hopefully by this weekend! I am hoping to wake up tomorrow morning and workout, then come home catch a nap and go to work! I need to make me a healthy dinner to take to work! I am ready to get PUMPED!!!! Jumping Jacks

I am off to read blogs and then do some homework before going to bed!


Michelle W. said...

great to hear about the nice teacher and the hot guy. lol.


Becky said...

Yep, what's not to like about seeing a hot guy - YUM! Just because I'm married doesn't mean I'm dead!!

Katrine said...

Let's hear it for the HOT guys!