Monday, January 30, 2006

What celebrity would you date?

Since I am single and live a single lifestyle this is right up my alley! I would date Matt Damon, of course! See previous post for pics of him! YUM!!! It is sad that he got married in Dec. 2005. I have always had a thing for Bill Pullman but you don't see him around any more. I feel in love with him in the move "While you were sleeping". I used to have a thing for Brad Pitt. He is even from my hometown and I drive by the high school he went almost everyday! Since he did Jennifer Aniston wrong, he hasn't been one of my favorites. I just see him as a typical male now. I am sure there are more that I would love to date but Matt and Bill are the ones that I favor the most!

Since I am talking about the single lifestyle, I am going to talk about other things are evident of single people. Mold on uneaten produce. I actually have been asked by some coworkers to take pictures of this butternut squash that I have had in my fridge for awhile. I keep forgetting to put it out on trash day so it sits in my fridge till I can remember this. It has turned almost blue from mold. I just recently watched the movie "Must Love Dogs" - with John Cusak and Diane Lane. Ohhh, I wouldn't mind dating John Cusak! I like the comment that Diane Lane makes to the butcher when she ask for a chicken breast! I can soo relate to that! The first movie that I feel in love with John Cusak is "Say Anything". I love that movie! I am hoping that I can get the butternut squash in the trash this week!

I have thought of some other celebrities that I would date. I would also date Ricky Martin and Enrique Inglesias. Not only do I love there music but they are HOT!!!! They have such a nice latino flair that I like!

Besides the men, I had a rather boring day. I had things I was going to do today and accidently slept till 1600! My night shift gig makes it hard to have a normal lifestyle. I spent a short while at the Mudhouse tonight then came home and my sister came over to do her taxes. I also went grocery shopping and bought new spices. I am going to make new lowfat entrees that will have my taste buds dancing! I then came home and paid bills. Boring stuff! Talking about men are more exciting! Thanks Michelle for the inspiration!


Michelle W. said...

you are so welcome! Thanks for playing.

LOL. Yes, Matt Damon would be great. Bill Pullman is great too! (where is he now?) I know what you mean about Brad Pitt. Yuck! Not dating material. John Cusak is so hot in "say Anything". Geez, don't you love all the 80s movie that promote stalking. lol.


~**Dawn**~ said...

oh!! i love me some John Cusack! tell me you've seen "Serendipity"!! he just plays the best characters. well except for in that psycho-thriller he did a while back that i can't remember the name of...