Thursday, January 05, 2006

Fun week

Does anybody remember Tesla? I was finding new music to listen to on Napster the other day and had forgotten all about them! I remember listening to them in junior high/high school. I had to download there song "Love song". I keep enjoying it over and over! I just love 80's music!

On Monday my sister and nieces and I went to the Mudhouse and played card games. We all enjoyed ourselves! I am currently at the Mudhouse just chilling with my laptop and enjoying my Napster tunes. I am actually going to start balancing my checkbook - which I haven't balanced since November! I normally don't let it get this far out of hand and I hope I never do that again! Going through 2 months worth of transactions takes awhile!

I got my Christmas tree down last night but need to take all the other Christmas decroations down (which aren't very many!) and organize them to fit in my storage container. (Oh my! A hottie just walked by my table and lost my train of thought!) :-)

I guess since I have talked about my abd pain and possible gallbladder problems on a previous post that I should give an update. It turns out that my gallbladder is working fine and the abd pain has gotton better but isn't gone. My doctor wants me to see a GI specialist which they can't get me in till the end of February! I do have chronic GERD and have been taking my Nexium everyday. I just need a new stomach I guess!

I have gotten myself addicted to and really enjoy cruising around and making new friends! I just wish I could figure out how to change my background and stuff. I finally figured out how to get a song to play on my site but that is all I have been able to figure out! If anyone wants to check out profile---->

Yesterday, I went shopping with Christmas money and got me some new clothes! I really love the new pants I bought! They are like cargo pants I suppose but are soo comfortable! I got me two pairs in different colors. I also got me two shirts and a sweater tank top with a cardigan. The sidewalk sale is going to be in about a week and I have to go back if my checkbook balancing goes okay! :-)

I guess I should get started on that . . . . . . . . .

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Michelle W. said...

I don't remember the name, but I'm a big fan of the 80s music. Just not the cloth. Looking at the music video from back then it's so funny. Can't believe the whole shoulder pad craze!

I hope your pain is nothing serious. Hugs!

I'll go check out your "my space" blog later.