Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Lazy, Lazy day!!

The day didn't go as planned!! I was so ambitious last week on what I was going to do on my days off. Even Monday night I wrote done some things to get accomplished on Tuesday. My plan on getting my yard mowed, didn't happen! I decided to lay down till the alarm went off. I should know better! I then fell asleep and didn't wake up till later in the afternoon. I am sure I have some form of sleep deprivation from working nights. I don't remember doing these things when I worked 15-23.

I did do a brave thing today! Ever since going to a digital camera, I have never deleted the pictures off my memory cards. This has saved me from losing pics as from the great computer crashes of 2006! I was just able to get my cards back out and reload them on my computer. After taking the firework pictures on the 4th, I had only 8 pics left on my memory card. This was a 4GB card that I had filled! I have taken 1000 photos since the end of October of 2007! Wow! I got them all saved to a DVD, made sure they were really on the DVD and the reformatted my card. I currently have no pics on my memory card! I decided to save some money and just save them on a DVD. I should but that towards a crumpler camera bag! :-)

In class this week, she talked about using a detached flash. I took notes so if someday I ever get one, I can look back. She gave us some other good tips and then also was telling us about stock photography. I have always seen photos that say "stock" on them but not really sure what that meant. She kept talking about her stock photography. We are to find some stock photography on the internet and try to copy it. In class she had a book with all kinds of stock photography and I chose a picture of a mouse trap with a piece of cheese! It is using the light techniques she showed us last week. I might give that a try or I found another stock photography online I might try but that would require two other people plus me! I will have to see if I can get that to even work out! I will have to save that for this weekend plus I need to buy a mouse trap!

Photography assignment

After class tonight I didn't go hang out downtown and get me a frozen coffee and go to the library. I decided to head out to Best Buy where my tripod came from and see if they happen to have any suggestions on my broken piece on my tripod. The guy that was there was the guy who helped me learn different things about my camera and usually is very helpful. Today he was being a butthead! I was trying to explain to him what piece was broken but he wouldn't let me show him on the tripods they had and just told me if it is broke, you have to buy a new one and walked off!!! I stood there in disbelief of his rudeness. I stood there a bit and looked at the tripods and of course the tripod I have has been upgraded and also a big price increase!! Another employee saw me and asked me if I needed help and I was just kind ticked by the last guy. I decided to explain to him what was wrong with my tripod and he gave a possible solution that will be cheap also. He suggested that I just get a screw with a bigger head on it to help hold the piece in place as I can get it to work and stay on my tripod like that. I might give that a try before I do anything else. I also found that there is a limited lifetime warranty that might be helpful for me. We will see what happens!

I am going to see what I can do to get my scraproom in better order. I got me a couple of magazines tonight, one about mini albums from Simple Scrapbooks and the other is a papercrafts magazine all about color! I want to make me the list planner that is on the front cover on the papercrafts magazine. Hopefully I can get things somewhat organized so I can scrap a little this weekend!


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