Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Finally, Vacation!!!

This is actually day 2 of my vacation. On Sunday, I did get me a wii, guitar hero and wii fit. I just got done working out with my wii fit. It is so much fun!!! I have even gotten some new exercises to unlock today. I will have to try them out tomorrow!!! Day one of my vacation I slept quite a bit after being up for 24 hours. When I did get up I connected my wii to my TV and ended up staying up most of the night trying everything out!

Today since I stayed up most of the night playing the wii, I was quite tired!! I think I made it to bed about 6 am and I got up about 10 am I am glad that I can go to bed soon and hopefully wake up rested and be on a normal schedule the rest of my vacation. That would be great!!

Also today, I started my photography class. The instructor owns a pet photography studio! I remember getting info from somewhere about her studio but never made it there with my fur babies. I would love to get all of my fur babies in a pic but I am going to have to wait till the puppy and kitties can get along without smacking each other!!

I still need to upload my photos but I hope to do that in the morning. I have homework to do from what I learned in class today. Maybe I will take my camera with me tomorrow when I take Phoebe to get the rest of her vaccinations and take pics at the vets! The lady I sat next to in class today happens to be a scrapbooker and we even have the same camera. Fun!!

I am off to play some Guitar Hero and then get some sleep. I just hope Phoebe lets me! I might have to play with her for awhile to help with that!! :-)

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