Sunday, June 08, 2008

Pet Night

I had no intention to being a bad blogger. I need to get myself back into the habit of updating my blog. I hope that I can start that again this week since I am off from work.

I have been quite tired since getting my puppy Phoebe. She doesn't let me sleep as long as I would like. I have her with me a lot when I am at the computer and she makes it hard to concentrate on blogging! She is sleeping in her crate right now and I should be sleeping while she is sleeping. I will do that soon!!

Friday night was Pet Night on C-Street. It was a fun evening!! Phoebe and I started the night out with her getting her picture done. I should have those photos back in a week! I can't wait to see them! She just loves all the attention and was sitting still for her picture. She is a good puppy!!

Phoebe loved meeting all the other dogs and would greet all of them! She is friendly and all the other dogs were friendly too. I was kinda afraid of some of the big dogs on how they would react to Phoebe but she just loved it! I even had one guy who would take my pup if I decided I didn't want her! He just feel in love with her! I hope that they have another pet night on C-Street!

I still need to upload the photos to my computer. My bonus room has been around 90 degrees during the day and not very fun to be on the computer. I am working on getting a spot for my laptop downstairs so I can enjoy being on the computer. For some reason, my laptop is being real slow or I should say IE on my laptop is being real slow!! I will return in a couple of days with photos!


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