Monday, May 26, 2008

Feeling sleepy . . .

Phew!!! I stayed up till 0330 last night and woke up at 1030 and I feel sooo tired today!!! I can't seem to get much done. I try to lay down and Phoebe decides she wants to play. I don't blame her for being in the crate while I was sleeping. She is ready to go and I am ready to get a few more Zzzzzzz's!! Phoebe and I did take a little nap on the couch this morning. She is sooo adorable!!!!


Looking at this picture of Phoebe make me realize that she has grown!! Her collar is too big for her here and I had to make it a little bigger yesterday as it was starting to get a little snug! My baby is going to grow up way to fast!!!

I have some bad news though. I found out that I am allergic to dogs after all!!!! I was allergy tested for dogs over 10 years ago and it was negative. I have thought that getting a dog would be okay since I am not allergic. After getting Phoebe, I have been breaking out in a rash if I hold her for too long. It will go away after a while. I get allergy shots every week so I had a talk with the nurses at my allergy doctors. They told me that I could have developed an allergy to dogs since I was tested last. WHAT???? So, I was in last Friday and got test for dog allergy again and this time it did come up as a severe allergy!!! I had a huge bump on my arm from it. :-( The plan now is to add dogs to my serum to start helping with this new insane allergy I have gotten! I was upset as I thought I was finally going to have an animal I wasn't allergic too. Phoebe is staying as I am also allergic to my cats and I manage that pretty good.

Last night I got started on getting my garage cleaned. I still have a ways to go but have a good start. I just need to load my car off all this recycling I have and hopefully be able to make a trip later this week to dump it off. I am hoping to get everything out of the garage so I can bleach the floor. I can tell mice have been in there. I also worked last night to get my scrap table cleaned off but still need to have some major organization to my supplies!! I have the white cubes from Target put can't remember where I put stuff. I am going to work and getting the drawers labeled and more organized so I can find things. I also need to start using up the kits I have from kit clubs from way back!!

For the rest of the day I plan to work on getting recycling loaded and cleaning house. I hope to work more on the garage. I have been thinking about hanging out at the Mudhouse for awhile. Or I might have to go to the Coffee Ethic instead. I heard that they have frozen coffee drinks now!! The Coffee Ethic is connected to a branch of the public library. I need to return some books and even search for more books about pugs! I really want to read pugs for dummies book again. It might give me better ideas about my new pup!!

I hope that I can wake up more! :-)


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