Thursday, May 01, 2008

Phoebe is coming home!

Who is Phoebe you say? That is my new pug puppy!!! I should be asleep right now as I have to get up at 6am. I am excited about getting my puppy! I went after class tonight and bought a few items. Phoebe and I will go back to the pet store tomorrow to get food and anything else that we might think we need! I am nervous and excited about getting my puppy. I am nervous on the fact on I don't know how my cats are going to take to my puppy and also about house training!!! I wish dogs were like cats in house training. I have been given lots of tips on how to house train a dog. I just hope it goes smoothly!


Many stressful things are going on in my life! Getting sick didn't help me at all. I am much better but still have a cough but much improved. If I do too much, I do get a little short of breath. Then I had my printer die on my last Friday! I was getting ready to print a bunch of articles for school and my printer had froze up. No problem as this has happened before. I would just unplug it for awhile and then plug it back in. It somehow resets it and would print. Not last week! It has been dead! It won't do one thing when any buttons are pushed! My parents had a printer they weren't using so I went and borrowed it but I needed to get cartridges. While I was at Best Buy I learned that they don't have the cartridge I need. I took a look at the printers and saw the HP Photosmart C7280 and the guy told me that was a great printer and that it was on sale. It was normally a $300 printer but was for $179. After reading about it, I bought it! I have been in love with this printer ever since getting it. It is wireless so I can print from my laptop and desktop! It prints pictures fast! It also has individual colors! It also has the fax machine like my other one. But anyway, I can't wait till school is over as much of my stress will be greatly reduced.

I have been very stressed lately because of school. One thing that was really stressing me out was this History class. I had a deadline of April 30th to get this done. I accomplished it!!!! I took my last exam last night. I handed in a paper and I don't know my grade yet. I have been checking Blackboard OFTEN just to see if he has posted it. Nothing yet.

The next HUGE stresser is my Capstone class. That class is unbelieveable in what she is wanting us to accomplish in 4 weeks! I have three research papers due. One every Monday till the last week of school. I turned my first one in last Monday and it truly wasn't a good paper. I am so afraid of what kind of a grade I am going to get! I had been sick all last week and did the best I could with all the other assignments I had due. I had to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That left me with getting it done on Monday on little sleep. I had been doing a little bit everyday before/after work but I never really was able to get that much accomplished. After I got started on the paper and started thinking of it later, I don't feel like I did it correctly. I didn't do an article search as it was my own personal mission statement and career path. I talked about these items and then I noticed that you needed multiple outside sources. Poo!! I was afraid of History causing me the reason not to graduate but it might be Capstone!

Okay, I have complained enough about school. I do have lots more but I have to be at work by 0830 for a 3 hours class and then go to school. Then go to get my puppy! I have a full day ahead and possibly no sleep tomorrow with a new puppy! :-)


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