Sunday, May 25, 2008

RN, BSN!!!!

Ohhh my!!! It has almost been 20 days since I blogged!! I am normally not this bad at blogging but I had a very busy end to my semester!!! Having a puppy has kept me busy also!


I am finally done with school and all graduated!! I am a proud owner of a purple tube! :-) I should receive my diploma in 4-6 weeks. I have been concerned as all my final grades were posted last week except my History correspondence course. On May 2 my instructor emailed me to let me know what I made in the course but it has never been posted to web advisor (where all our grades are posted). I finally called the school and on Friday got a reply that the instructor hadn't released my grade to be posted. They were going to send my instructor a reminder to do this. Of course it wasn't posted on Friday so maybe early this week it will be. I don't want my diploma to be delayed!!! I need it to get my raise at work. I am so glad that school is over for me. :-)

My puppy Phoebe is doing good! We had our first puppy class at PetSmart today! I am trying to train her to a clicker and I am to teach her to watch me - for up to 15 seconds. My puppy is so hyper she wasn't paying attention to me very well!!! The trainer had treats that she must have liked better than mine as she kept looking at the trainer instead of me! I am going to work with her on these items this week for class next week.

I have been soo tired with having a new puppy. I don't think I realized how much sleep I was going to miss with getting a puppy. I think I am adjusting fairly well as I have had her for 3 weeks now. We have been having snake appearances at my house. They are garden snakes but still I don't like it!!! Last Sunday I took up the landscaping fabric in my garden and underneath was a garden snake and it was striking at me!!! I got my shovel and took care of that one. Then the last few days I have seen three appearances which it might be the same snake. Poor Phoebe this morning wanted out but the snake was on the steps so I told Phoebe to wait in the laundry room. I was going to get the shovel and kill the snake!! It got away to fast so I went to get Phoebe and take her outside but poor puppy couldn't wait and went in the laundry room floor! I should have just went to the front door and then deal with the snake. One reason I have snakes is the wood pile from the ice storm. I have a neighbor that is wanted to take the wood and I think I am ready for him to help me!! That will hopefully decrease the snakes - except the house next door is now vacant with grass super tall and a small wood pile from the ice storm.

I have been out of school for one week now and have started getting my house more organized. It is going to take me awhile but I am excited about having things in a orderly fashion! I have been trying to do just a little bit everyday. I need to make a list of what I need to accomplish and mark it off as I go. That always makes me feel like I have done something!!

I am currently at the Mudhouse and it is strange just being able to do what I want to do on the computer. My computer usage has went down since I don't have to sit and do assignments all the time. Today I have been searching sites on loan repayment. One the school told us about is due June 30th. I need to hurry up on getting all the documents together!! It would be great if I could get some of my student loans paid for. :-) Every little bit will help. I have also had fun keeping caught up on the MB I enjoy.

I believe I need to get home to take care of my puppy and hopefully we have no more snake appearances!! I am thinking about getting started on cleaning my garage out. :-)


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