Saturday, May 03, 2008

Phoebe is home!

Thursday after class, I went and picked up my pug puppy, Phoebe! She is quite adorable! She likes sleeping all curled up on my chest! So cute! I found a LOL cat pic that is appropriate for how my cats feel, I am sure! Chloe has hissed and smacked poor Phoebe and the look on Phoebe's pug face was funny when it happened! I scooped her up quickly so hopefully no damage could be done! Pandora and Felix have just been sniffing her and not really sure what to think.


Our first night was a little rough. I had only had two hours of sleep the night before and wanted to sleep soo bad! This was also Phoebe's first night without her litter mates so she cried a lot! I ended up putting her to bed with me and she was happy and feel asleep. I didn't get that much sleep and was exhausted the next day! I think each day has improved with the crate training.

I will post some pics soon!!

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