Thursday, April 24, 2008

Greys is back!!!!

I am excited tonight as Grey's Anatomy is finally back!!!! I cleaned off my coffee table so I can work on my homework while watching Grey's.


Some of the events of my day:

  • I got done writing my history paper and emailed it to my teacher him to review my draft. This is a big thing as I need to have this done this week so I can get my password emailed to me for my LAST exam in History! I have been nervous about if he was going to get back to me in time.

  • I got to bed around 4am but couldn't fall asleep! I had about 4 hours of sleep before my alarm went off for class.

  • I always drink an energy drink (caffeine free) during my New Testament class. It isn't natural for me to be some where at noon. I find having an energy drink makes me feel better!

  • The reason for me mentioning the energy drink is because I but it inside by book bag and when I got to class, A hole had managed to get puntured in the side. This got all my books and calaender wet! I did have about half of my energy drink left but no carbonation. It just wasn't as fun today.

  • While I was in my New Testament class, I was talking about the History paper I wrote. One of the girls has had this teacher in class before and told me he was tough. I started worrying the rest of my class about him emailing me about what he thought about my paper. I should have checked my cell phone as I had an email at about 1130 with the suggestions he had for me. I am going to finish that up tonight and submit it to be graded! I really am going to finish this History class on time!! Graduation, here I come!!!!

  • I finally came home today and ordered my graduation announcements. I should have them in about a week. I really hope nothing happens with them arriving in that time!

  • I didn't realize all my books getting wet from the incident of the energy drink till I decided to have lunch and to read while I was eating. My American Government book got it the worst and I worked this afternoon separating all the pages so they will hopefully dry better.

  • After all of this, I went back home to get my jump drive and to possibly mow my front yard. My grass is very tall and I was hoping to mow it last week but I was too sick to even think of it. Today wouldn't had been any better as I get short of breath a little easy. While I was putting gas in my lawn mower, my neighbor came over and told me that he mows lawns and was wanting to mow my lawn. I agreed till I have more time to mow my lawn myself. He will be here tomorrow! I have taken some numbers down but hadn't had time to call.

  • After talking with my neighbor and getting my jump drive, I headed to the Mudhouse to get some much needed homework done. My battery went dead in my wireless mouse. The touch mouse pad makes me crazy when I have to use it! The music in the Mudhouse today was getting on my nerves. Then some girl was talking loudly about her rehab and possible felony she may be charged with while eating. After fighting with the touch mouse pad for over an hour, I finally decided that being at home may actually be a better place to study today.

  • I have three research papers left. The next one being due on Monday. I work Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I hope to at least get started on it tonight. I also have two assignements due by midnight tonight. I actually have lots to do and need to get busy!

  • Till next time . . . .


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