Thursday, April 17, 2008

It is getting closer . . .

to my graduation!!! I am keep trucking along on getting all my papers and studying done. I have hardly had any sleep the last week and so excited that I will be able to sleep tonight AND I don't have to get up early for anything tomorrow!!!! I got up early today for my second e-mar class. I was told from people who took the second class that things made more sense. Will, they don't!!! I just have more questions. My handheld today was telling me that meds weren't in my patients profile when they were on the computer put not my handheld. I would add the medication so I could give it to my "pretend" patient but then it would enter it twice in the computer. The week we go live with this at work, I won't be there as I will be doing finals and graduating. I am going to come back to work and be all confused and supposed to be a superuser at that!

I am excited that I got my research paper back today that I wrote on Ephesians. I got a 93%!!! I figured my grade and I have a 89% in the class. I hope that I am able to do better on the final and on the remaining quizzes to pull of an A! That would be awesome!! I am working hard at getting my history class all done. My American Government class is going okay. He has given up an opportunity of getting 20 bonus points but I haven't decided if I am going to do that or not. I have to decide fast as I have to email my teacher as he wants us to have it done by next week. I start my dreaded Capstone class next week. This is the 4 week class with 3 research papers!! I don't understand why they try to kill us like they do! I plan on these papers being the last research papers I ever write!!!

I am at the Mudhouse and they must have the a/c on as it is freezing!!! I left my house as it was too warm in my bonus room and now I am in coldness. I will just have to type real fast to keep myself warm! I have goal on getting my American Government notes typed and to maybe work on my quiz for New Testament for next week. I hope to at least get one chapter done in my History as my goal is to have all 5 chapters read by Sunday to take the unit 2 test. I am still waiting on my password to get into the test. If the school doesn't email it to me by early afternoon, I will be calling!!! I have to have this history course completed by April 30th or I won't graduate!! I am not about to let that happen!!!!

I had better get busy!!


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