Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Under the weather . . . .

I have been quite ill the last few days. It hasn't helped me with all the loads of homework I have!!! I have two papers to write this week and I think I might actually start feeling a little better tomorrow. I finally was able to get in and see my doctor today and he told me that I have a sinus infection along with acute bronchitis. No wonder I have felt like crap!!! I have been running a temp since last week and thought it would go away on its own but instead, a new symptom came about everyday! I am glad that I have an inhaler and antibiotics to help me get over this so I can concentrate on getting done with school.

Over the weekend was the roughest. I had 5 chapters to do in my History class for a test I had to take on Sunday. I was quite excited that I did get it done and I got a 94%!! I now have an 88% in this class. I have a paper to write which my goal is to have it done by Wednesday. Then I can take my final exam next week and be done!!! Then I will be down to 3 classes. That will be nice.

On Monday I still went to class even though I wasn't feeling good as it was the first day of my Capstone class. I received my cap and gown that day. We did talk a little about graduation and the pinning. I am getting excited and really can't wait till I get done with this History class so I can stop worrying about it and getting it done on time!

I have been a little lazy today since I haven't felt good. It has been fun laying around with the cats all day! I have got to kick it into high gear the rest of the week!


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