Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Photography overload

I had a good first day back to work, busy, but good. I got to work and I was told that a patient asked who was working and ask if she could have me as her nurse. That made me feel good!! She was excited to see me when I went into her room. :-) She has been on our floor a few times and remembered me from when I had her last. She told me that I knew what I was doing and she felt confident when I was her nurse.

I still am not really like e-mar. It just feel like it takes too much time to pass meds. I need to start organizing myself differently. That all depends on how the night starts out. Last night I had a new admit and finishing up chemo on a patient. I need to try to start making sure I have all my meds for the evening and get everything in order so my med pass will hopefully go easier. Last night I was just to busy to try this so I hope the next time I work, it will be calmer and I can do that!!

I am at the public library using the computer and they are getting ready to close. I have been enjoying hanging out using the internet at the library. I have a hard time concentrating at home when I am watching my new pup and keeping her out of trouble!! I have three minutes so I will have to finish this up at home!


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