Saturday, May 20, 2006

In Elburn, Illinois!!!

I left Thursday morning at 0915 and arrived to my destination at 1830! I wasn't a bad drive at all and went faster than I thought it would! I made my first stop in St. Louis to have some lunch and refilled my gas tank so I didn't have to make any stops once I got started again. Which was a good ting as there wasn't any gas stations for quite some time after I got into Illinois! For some reason I woke up with my allergies bothering me and I was sneezing most of the way for the first 3 hours and it finally calmed down by the time I made it to my destination. When I had to change highways as my yahoo map told me to do, I was a little confused and thought I was going to Memphis, Tennesee!! I stopped to make sure as I didn't want to end up in the wrong state and be late for my Jammie Crop!! I was going in the right direction and the rest of the directions was okay. I did make a stop in Pieora, IL as I had to get out of the car! My back was bothering me from driving that long. My iriver pooped out when I had an hour still to go so I had to resort to CD's. I accidently got in the wrong lane for the toll!!! I thought I was doing good and when I looked up I was in the toll saver lane!!! I am sure they have my picture now and the feds are going to be after me! I know now to got to the right and not the left!

I have been having a blast so far at the Jammie Crop!!! We have been doing all kinds of fun make-n-takes! I got to go to the Scrapjammie headquarters to see where the magic happens! I even got to meet fatboy!!! (see posted pic!!!) He is such a loverboy! His name is really Mozart but has the nickname of fatboy. So adorable! We had an AWESOME jammie fashion show! I will have to post more pics later of that! I have been able to get a 6x6 hip chick album done but no pictures in it yet. I brought all my 4x6 pics but like to use various sizes in my pics. I didn't have much time to plan and print pictures for certain layouts/albums before I left like I had hoped but I am still accomplishing things!!! I did a fun layout that I included pictures of my cats. I will have to post that later as I don't have pics of it yet. I need to remember to takes pics tomorrow of the victorian house we are staying in. It is beautiful here!

I had better get some sleep so I can spend another full day of scrapping! YEAH!!!!

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