Saturday, June 10, 2006

Where have I been?

I don't know why I haven't been blogging that much lately. I have been out of school for the last 3 weeks and have hardely blogged. I did start my summer class last night so now that I am supposed to be doing other things I am blogging. I find my scrapbooking got back in full force after I decided to go back to school so why is it that when I have free time I can't seem to do the fun things I want and when I don't have the time and should be doing something else that is when I do the fun stuff? Hmmmm, things to ponder.

Well in my last post I had started planted some grass seed in my yard and I am excited to say that I have grass growing in the bald spots in my yard!!!! I just hope that it keeps growing!!!! The grass seed I spread around the rest of the yard isn't doing as well but I decided I will be happy with what I am getting and wait till September to try to fill in the rest. I was told that I am doing this to late in the year with the temps. being in the 90's but it was when I had time!

My summer class that I am taking is "Introduction to Music" and my teacher seems like a nice guy and has a good sense of humor. That made the 5 hours go much better! We are having a test every week except for one!!!! I need to be getting my study guide ready for my test next week. I also have concert reports (classical music only though), fine arts report and a research paper to do in this class. I don't think this class is going to be as bad as I thought. He gave us a study guide for our test and I need to get that filled out. It is mainly terms that he wants us to know and understand for the rest of the class. I hope while I am working this weekend I can put my study guide on my clipboard and take a peak at it when I can! I also need to be listening to the CD's that came with the book and I have to be able to identify what style the song is. We get extra credit for knowing the title and composer! I need to get memorizing all this stuff! I do believe this semester is going to be much better than last semester! :-)

CHALLENGE: Have you ever met any one famous? If not, who would you LOVE to meet?

I have to think about this a bit. I have gotten to meet Elsie Flannigan as she lives in my home town. :-) I have gotten to meet on of the bachelors - Aaron Bergee (not sure if I spelled that right!) I have even been in his loft here in my hometown. The day I got to meet him was in his bar/resturant when I was participating in hurry dating. I did also get to see Macy Gray in a free concert and I was very near the front row. She threw bottled water at the audience and I caught the first one!!!!!! I still have that bottle!!!! As soon as the show was over she left . . . . .


melissa said...

I am so jealous that you met Elsie, she is one of my fav. scrappers :)

good luck with your summer class!!

Anonymous said...

Great picture. Love your blog!