Saturday, June 17, 2006

Saturday Blogger - 2peas challenge

here's a fun one..
Imagine yourself as a vegetarian.
What would be your most fave foods?????

It is easy to imagine myself as a vegetarian as I love eating that way! I haven't ate red meat in 12 years which started as a new years
resolution. I started one year with only eating red meat when I would go eat out and then the next year I stopped doing that and I have stuck with it! We have a vegetarian cafe here that I used to go to all the time but they have changed there hours and I can never seem to find them open. I eat veggie burgers, vegeterian sausage. At work they have veggie burgers in the cafe but they seldom have them on the night shift so I get left out. I get told that me and maybe 2 other people on the night shift will eat them. I love veggie sandwiches - esp. at Subway! Yum!!!! I enjoy most veggies and prefer them to be raw then cooked. I enjoy making vegetarian dishes every so often.


Melissa said...

I also enjoy vegetarian type foods! I have also found that I just don't eat the amount of red meat that I did while I was growing up.

smkh1117 said...

I too love Veggies. I have really considered going veggie because when I eat meat it kinda creeps me out. LOL! Love the chick pic!