Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Just relaxin'

I have been a little quiet lately and I think it is mainly because of my night shift ways and being so tired all the time!!!!! Work has kept me a little busy and school has a little. This is the one week out of my summer class that I don't have a test. I am currently at the Mudhouse and went through my notes so I when I have class this week and get my study guide it won't take me as long to get things put together for my test next week.

I have been watering my garden trying to make it grow and this week I have big blooms on my cucumber plant!!!!! I am so excited about this!!!! I even have some that I never did plant and still in the small container with blooms! I think I need to transfer that one to a planter and see what happens. I have a rather small garden but it is enough for me to take care of. I have 2 tomato plants, a hot pepper and a green pepper plant, about 4 or 5 okra plants and then my cucumber plant which is getting kinda big for my little garden! I need to get a cage for it.

Last night I went to my LSS to a 4th of July paint can class. One of my scrapjammie friends that lives in my area told me about it so I signed up. It was fun getting to see her again! I am a little slow at these classes and I still need to finish mine! I was very close to being done but everyone else was done and shopping and here I was still working on mine. I am not sure how everyone works so fast! I think I try to make things to perfect sometimes and that slows me down. I can't help that!

I have a few things I would like to get done today. One of them is get the recycling loaded in my car. I currently have a bunch of recycling in the middle of my living room floor ready for me to tape up. Felix is loving the fact that I have extra "hiding" stops for him! He has enjoyed this as he darts from paper sack to paper sack pouncing on his other kitty friends! He cracks me up!

I hope to get my CJ that I have done. I have been having problems trying to get the journaling done. This particular CJ is called "desparate housewives" which is a fun book but for a single girl that has never been married is a little difficult to me. I have never watched the show expect for once and not sure who is who and what goes on in the show. Last night I was talking about this journal and I think I am going to write about trying to find a decent man! I hope to get this done today and get this sent on and then I need to figure out what others I need to get done for the CJ.

I better get busy so I can accomplish all that I want to today!

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