Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Technical difficulties

Oh my! I have no idea what happened to my blog but I had to add a new template and I lost all my codes from the stuff I added!!!!!!! I had actually printed my HTML section of my blog a few months ago so I hope that I can get my codes from there!!!! I have been wanting to change my template but didn't want to because of losing my codes. I am still unsure what happened to cause this in the first place.

I have been trying to get a new cell phone from Cingular. I am upset with them currently. I went to there main store and told them my story and the guy wouldn't listen to me anymore just told me to call the 800 number. I tried to talk to him again and "You need to call the 800 #". So when I get home I call the 800 number and ended spending 1 hour and 10 minutes pleading my case (which I was on hold for at least 20 of those minutes). I had to replace my phone in April as I couldn't hear anybody unless I had the phone on speaker. They give me the same phone but a newer version. It is still happening - not as bad as my other phone had gotten but it was how it started. I don't want another motorola phone for that reason. I found out that since I did an exceptional upgrade that my first phone doesn't count and that I need to have another phone do the same thing then I can get another phone. This is bananas!!!!!! He suggested that I talk to customor service and they might be able to make an exception but when he transfered me to them they told me I needed to talk to the warranty people. ARGH!!!!! I have talked to 3 other people that have had this phone with the same problem but they tell me that they haven't had these phone come back for that so I am guessing they aren't keeping very good records! I have a feeling I am stuck with this phone. It really frustrates me that I was eligible for a *real* upgrade in November of 2006 and now I can't upgrade till Jan. 2008!!! I am going to keep at them as this is crazy. I should be able to have there service with a working phone. I am afraid to tell them I will cancel and go to another company as I am in a contract but then also I did that to Alltel and they didn't try to keep me! I wasn't in a contract with Alltel so it wasn't that big of a deal that they wouldn't give me what I wanted. They said if I was able to hold out for another year (or should I say if the phone will hold out for another year!) I could do an exceptional upgrade again. That was a little pricey I thought. I added my current phone - the blue/black flip phone and the phone I want - the orange phone.

Anyway, I am going to go do a little relaxing and maybe get my recycling ready for loading!

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