Sunday, July 02, 2006

New Phone!!!!

After I got off from work on Thursday morning, I had a few errands to run. I happened to drive by the main Cingular store about the time they were opening so I decided to try in the store again to plead my case. I pleaded my case to yet another person. It was a shorter version as I was getting tired of telling my story! But he asked to see my phone and went and took it somewhere. He came back and told me that they would trade it out as a 30 day return! Yeah! I didn't even have to argue about anything - it was too easy! He said that I would have to bring the box and what came with the phone and they would credit what I paid on that phone towards the new phone. I went home and got everything and went back and got my new Sony Ericvsson W600i Walkman phone! It also is an organizer which I really like. I have uploaded "The Very Best of Macy Gray" on my phone! I am happy with my trade and this will keep me busy till I can upgrade in 2008! :-) My next thing to do is to find a pink faceplate for this phone!

I was really hoping to go see a movie last night When I woke up I felt like going back to bed! I didn't think sitting through a movie was going to be a good thing since I was wanting to sleep! I went out for ice cream and came back home and ended up falling asleep till about 0400 this morning. I meant to go back to bed but it hasn't happened.

Sunday is "Pancake day" and "Mudhouse day"!!! I consider Sunday pancake day because when I was growing up my dad would always cook pancakes on Sunday. I don't make pancakes every Sunday but I do alot of them! Saturday was egg day which I hated and still am not very fond of eggs. I will dabble in egg beaters as they are healthier! I like going to the Mudhouse on Sundays as they give double punches on your drink card! Two fun events for a fun and lazy day!

I need to work on my study guide for my Intro to music class. I also should start deciding what I am going to write my paper on and finish up my concert and fine arts reports! I only have about 4 weeks till all this is due! This class is going fast!

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