Saturday, July 22, 2006

I finally found Elsie's book!!!!

I called all the LSS in my town and none of them had Elsie's new book. Creations Unlimited said they will have it August 6 as Elsie is having a book signing party but I have to work that day so I thought I might as well go find it somewhere else. I called a nearby scrapbook store this morning and they have it!!!! I took a journey to the nearby scrapbook store and got me a copy!!! I am so excited to finally have her book! I really can't wait till school is out next week so I can hopefully have time to work on some of the challenges!

While I was at this scrapbook store I also got me some cool new stamps my making memories that are flowers! I can't wait till I can use them! I have actually had thoughts of stamping my mailbox with them to make my mailbox more exciting.

School is going to be over next week and I can't wait!!!! I still have a research paper and 2 concert reports to do and I need to type up my fine arts report. I was trying to do research today but I was getting way to sleepy while I was at the Mudhouse so I went home and ended up falling asleep around 8pm!

Since I don't have my lawn service anymore my grass is getting a little tall. I realized it really isn't that bad since it has been so hot here. The grass is the longest around my little garden from it getting watered. I hope that it cools off a little so I can mow my yard. The temps have been around 100 and that is just to hot to be mowing a yard!

Anyway, I work the next three nights at work and that is going to leave me cramming all of these homework assignments in at the last minute plus trying to study for a final!!!! I am kinda scared of this final as he always has had us write out definitions (no matching!!!) and all the definitions are free game! Out of 5 test we have had about 90 definitions so I need to know all of them. There are only going to be 15 on the test! YIKES!!!!!! I do believe I am going to party after class next Thursday as that is when my summer will start!!! :-)

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scrapbookmom said...

Yipeeee!!! Now I know I can find the book. :) Very cool. I had to give you a shout out on my blog for the pic of the cover of Elsie's book. I just love her style.