Thursday, July 06, 2006

Pet peeve - 2peas challenge

Okay, I couldn't think of a pet peeve earlier when I read the challenge for today but I have one now!!!!!

This happened while I was sitting in my allergy doctor's waiting room. There is this one particular lady that when she comes in she will sit in the waiting room and try to start conversations with anybody. She had a conversation with me one day and she was trying to have a conversation with me today but I was trying to study. I told her I hadn't started studying for my test tonight and I was crash studying for my test. I was hoping she would let me study but NO!!!! She would be quiet for a little bit but then "Let me ask you a question". Then she started telling me stories regarding her family!!!! I wanted to say "I am trying to study! Stressed out Student here!!!!" Then they called my name for my allergy shot and when I went and sat back down I started studying and then they called her name and she left. After she left I was able to get some studying done till I had to have my shots checked then I left to go to the Mudhouse to study.

I am still cramming for my test but feel like I have memorized enough. He is going to drop our lowest test score so this one might be it! I have 35 more minutes to study!

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