Monday, July 03, 2006

Tour De France!!!!!

I forgot all about this! I am sitting at my kitchen table reading the morning paper and got to the sports section that I never read but decided to look through it today and saw the stats for the Tour De France! I can't believe I forgot all about this! I am curious who is going to win this year since Lance Armstrong has retired. It looks like the overall standings after stage one is George Hincapie of the United States! Maybe one of Lance's old team mates will win! I will have to start watching OLN to get the updates of what is going on! I am just glad that my memory was jogged before it was over! I guess I will be reading the sports section this month. I have stayed up all night and need to get some sleep as I work tonight!

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Nicole said...

Saw your blog on 2peas... my dh is addicted to the Tour De France. I'll admit that I watched it with him the last few years, but have no interest in watching it this year. Dh records it on OLN every morning and watches it religiously!