Thursday, July 13, 2006

Trouble with the lawn guy . . . . . .

Last night I woke up around 2100 with a phone call after sleeping all day. I decided after I got off the phone to look out in my backyard to see if my lawn service had mowed my yard and they didn't. I went to go get the mail and I had a bill attached to my mailbox from my lawn guy. At first I thought he was charging me for something he didn't do and then when I looked at the bill again a little later realized he had it dated for 6/27 - the last time he mowed my yard. I had mailed him a check and he has also cashed my check as I can see that it cleared my bank on 7/3. I even am able to with adobe reader see my check and see his signature!!!!! I can't believe it! He isn't keeping very good records of who pays him! I have written a letter to him stating the above and I am also said that I will no longer need his services as I am going to start mowing my yard myself so I don't have to worry about details like this in the future. It was nice having lawn service will it lasted!

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