Friday, July 28, 2006

School is out!!!!

Yeah!!! I am excited about my 3 week break from school! I stayed up all night and got my papers done. This morning I was finally ready to watch Firefall and write about the music they played and the hours that the TV guide told it was, wasn't. I only got 10 minutes of it recorded! I tried to get ahold of the symphony that played and of course the lady that had the info was out for the day! I did what I could. It was too late for me to do something else. I also sat down and watch Cats today and wrote about all the music in it. I was so relieved that I got done with all this by 1230 so I could concentrate on studying for the final! YEAH!!!!

While I was trying to study this afternoon, my allergies stirred up! I have been sneezing like crazy!!! I went to the Mudhouse before school and was about to fall asleep - inbetween sneezing that is! I was sneezing all through the test. I was so excited about school being out that I was going to do something fun after class but I didn't want to go places being all sneezy! Plus, I had virtually no sleep also. I did run by Barnes & Noble and got the new Scrapbooks, etc. and Scrapbook Answers magazines and ended up falling asleep in my bed at 1900 tonight. I woke up at 0300!!!!!!! I am ready to get back to bed!

I am including a picture that was in my Intro. to Music book that is actually a pencil drawing but it looks like a photograph! It amazes me to look at it! It is a photo realism drawing. I just wish I could do drawing like that or just be able to draw! :-)

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